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Webdultery at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

Webdultery has officially been selected to screen at its first film festival, The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival!

The official schedule for the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival has been announced.
Webdultery will be playing there on:

Saturday April 9th, 2011
The Market Arcade
639 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14203

If you’re thinking about coming, you can purchase your tickets at With greater ticket sales and attendance, the festival organizers put more marketing behind that film.

Charles Wahl Featured on Blog TO

Charles Wahl, between sips of his vodka soda, excitedly talks of his bourgeoning film career. The commercial director has just finished his first feature film, Webdultery, he’s recently returned to directing music videos and he’s getting more commercial work than ever. He’s busy, but that’s how he likes it. Many would narrow their focus down to one or two of those avenues, but for Wahl each holds it’s own merit.

Born to a German father and a Moroccan mother, Charles Wahl was born in England but grew up in Canada. While it was films like the Godfather, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Reservoir Dogs that initially caught Wahl’s attention, it was a high school class that turned fan to filmmaker.

Wahl’s high school, York Mills, offered a film program that exposed him to the delights of Canadian and world cinema. Beyond that, the class gave him the opportunity to make a film of his own, a gangster flick composed by him and his buddies. After getting a taste of the process it became clear, Wahl belonged on film sets….

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Rebecca Nicholson – Lisa

Rebecca Nicholson was born and raised in Prince Edward Island. She is a graduate of York University’s Acting Conservatory in Toronto. Since graduating, she has had the privilege to work on both stage and screen. Some of her favourite stage roles include: Steffi (NINJA HEAVEN), Sarah Sweet (PORN LIFE), and Laura (GREEN OR AN ANTHEM FOR YOUNG LOVE). Rebecca has also directed several episodes of STUDIO 14’s sitcom theatre (SIT ON IT). Some of her screen credits include: SHOW ME YOURS (Showcase), NY-LON (CBS) and the pilot BURF (DIABOLIC FILMS). Rebecca has also been a series regular on Global TV’s THE OFFICE TEMPS, and the Slice Network’s PLASTIC MAKES PERFECT. But you may recognize her best from her many U.S. and Canadian national commercials, which include spots for McDonald’s, Coors Light, Burger King, Ford, Lays, Cadbury, Yellow Pages, and Rogers.

Kevin Kincaid – O’Keefe

Kevin Kincaid grew up outside of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where he learned the importance of regionalism at an early age – everything from knowing where your food comes from, to the importance of sharing with neighbors, knowing how to barter and the importance a good story. Kevin left the confines of his idyllic life to explore the world, and after traveling through Europe, Australia and across Canada he attended the theatre program at Dalhousie University in Halifax and from there attended RADA in London, England where he focused his studies on Shakespeare. After playing King Lear, Kevin returned to Canada to live and work as an actor and producer in Toronto for seven years. Kevin then moved back to Halifax and continues to act and produce. Notable acting roles include: Brutus in JULIUS CAESAR, Sir Toby Belch in 12th NIGHT, Prospero in THE TEMPEST, John in Mamet’s OLEANNA, Geronte in MOLIERE’S SCAPIN and King Lear in KING LEAR when he attended RADA, in London, UK. Kevin’s film and TV roles include Charles Wahl’s WEBDULTERY, Stephen King’s HAVEN, Tom Fitzgerald’s CLOUDBURST and his own recently produced film for the CBC/Film NS Bridge Award, called BERNARD THE MAGICIAN.

Christine Tizzard – Deb

Christine Tizzard, born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland, now calls Toronto her home.  Traveling abroad at the early age of 15 as an international model, she transitioned into the world of TV and Film 10 years ago.  Recently working alongside actors such as Tom Selleck, appearing in a film crafted by the mind of by M. Night. Shyamalan and recently working on TV series GOOD DOG starring Ken Finkleman, her passion for film is stronger than ever. But there is something else that pulls at her heartstrings and that is her love of food. Who knows where we will see her next.  Food Network beware!!!

Anthony Cortese – Fred

Anthony Cortese is an actor born and raised in Toronto. Trained in theatre, Anthony made the transition to film in 1995, since then he has worked on many independent films and a few notable stage shows such as Jay Legget’s Tony and Tina’s Wedding at Second City and a Toronto production of Clive Barker’s stage play History of the Devil. It was actually playing the Devil that led Anthony to more film and TV as reviews of his performance scored him better representation. Now over 10 years later, Anthony still lives and works as an actor in Toronto. He has had the pleasure of working with esteemed directors such as Gavin Hood and Clement Virgo. His love for storytelling has also led him to screenwriting and producing, but his passion for portraying characters will never die.

Elizabeth Spanó – Composer

In 2002 her debut CD, captured the attention of many people in the classical music scene, including Stefanos Karabekos, conductor and founder of the Symphony Orchestra of Canada. Stefanos was enlisted as a consulting producer for the Elizabeth Spanó project.

If you’ve ever had a chance to hear Elizabeth Spanó play, you would know first hand the truth in this statement. With every musical note she plays, she takes us with her into a surreal, sonic adventure of fast paced rhythms and beautiful melodies. As a child, Elizabeth developed a strong fascination with the piano, and a growing hunger to learn how to play. At age eleven, she began taking lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music, located in Toronto, Canada. By age thirteen, she was playing the music of great composers such as Bach and Mozart at the level befitting a concert pianist. She was capable of playing virtually any piece of music placed in front of her.
Elizabeth then discovered composing and it was here that she began to fulfill her true musical desires. She has written numerous classical compositions. Her debut CD features some of her best works to date. Not only is Elizabeth a brilliant pianist and composer, she is also an excellent vocalist. Her mind is constantly at work composing new music every day and retooling her symphonic creations. Her music communicates and consumes the listener; it is not unusual to see many of her audience overcome by emotion.

Select Career highlights…
2000 – performed at the Trudeau Stage Award ceremonies.
2001 – performed chosen pieces at the 12th Annual SOCAN Dinner & Awards.
– performed at the Cannes Film Festival.
2002 – released her debut classical piano album “Symphonic Music for
Piano” and landed a distribution deal through Universal Music Canada in 2005.
2009 – recently during the TIFF she was personally asked to re-record the
main theme to a classic French movie by Ariel Veneziano (previously president of Icon Entertainment International and Director of Motion Picture Sales and International Home Video Distribution at Alliance Atlantis, now president of GreeneStreet Films International) it should also be noted that he expressed an interest in helping Liza rebuild, and launch her career on a multilevel media platform.

Brent Setterington – Composer

Brent Setterington has had the pleasure of working with vastly talented major label artists over the years. His journey as a uniquely talented producer started with the funk soul outfit Jacksoul, and as the main co-writer, arranger/keyboardist and musical director, he helped Haydain Neale and Jacksoul land a MAJOR recording contract with BMG back in 1995-96. In 1997 he signed a MAJOR publishing deal with Polygram Canada, and in 2001 re-negotiated his publishing contract with the newly conglomerated Universal Music Publishing Group. It was also around this time that he was working as an in-house producer at Sony Music Canada, a rare feat considering that Sony usually only allows Sony signed writers to become part of their “team”. Brent spent a good part of a year writing and recording for such Canadian treasures as Tom Wilson (Junkhouse) and Edwin (I Mother Earth) as well as keeping busy working on off hours developing indie unsigned artists. In 2002 he met another important writer/producer Robbie Patterson formerly signed to Peer Music, where he quickly forged a solid easy going musical bond and ended up co-producing 3 of the 4 songs landing on Canada’s premiere reggae pop artist Snow and his EMI release “Two Hands Clapping”.

Brent has extensive writing and producing experience and he’s always highly committed to the utmost excellence and detail, while not losing site of a truly original artistic vision. He has been a part of many writing sessions (Pop Stars, Justin Gray) and symposiums, and in 2004 he co-wrote a song called “Single” which was covered a year later, by Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter, on his debut release “219 Days”. The song became Kalan’s 2nd single, and the album would be certified double platinum by the end the year.

Other artists he’s worked with and cowritten with
Jenna Andrews (Universal Motown)
Clayton Bellamy (The Road Hammers, Open Road, Montage US)
Jordan Cook (Sony NY)
Outmatch (Universal/Centarus Germany)

Always surrounded by amazing talent, Brent is a special sort of producer who doesn’t have his own sound because he has always chosen to wear the artist. It is this approach that has enabled him to be completely comfortable in any genre often delivering resulting music that defies convention but still has enough of a radio pop sensibility and is “market friendly”. One of his career milestones was achieved when he had the honour and pleasure of meeting Dominic Miller in 2006 (longtime co-collaborator guitarist for Sting) through a very talented close personal violin prodigy Sonia Jun, (former TSO principal violinist) and was able to hire and produce Dominic when Brent was working on another exciting solo debut in England.

Presently he is co-owner of THE BOOM BOOM ROOM, a small professionally set up studio, and works with many different upcoming and well seasoned gifted experienced artists, such as Leroy Emmanuel who’s pedigree goes back to days of working with Motown, Marvin Gaye, Patti Labelle, Bohannon (and creating his ground shattering progressive funk/soul band “The Fabulous Counts”.) Brent is always looking to expand his vision and challenges himself daily to recreate something fresh and totally new, so that he’s in touch with the most current production techniques as well as finding new groundbreaking methods to push the music forward. However, his approach is deeply rooted in the old school very “hands on” to his richly textured sonic tapestries carefully woven and held tightly together by spiritual intuition and innate desire to keep the listener always guessing and pleasantly surprised when they hear just a fragment of his vision and scope of music.

Allan Pynn – Sound Designer

Allan Pynn enjoys writing about himself in the 3rd person. A Toronto native, Allan has been immersed in music and sound since 11 and a half. “My neighbor bought a drum kit, and when I saw it, I was hooked.” As an accomplished air drummer (a la John Bonham) by the age of 10 , the transition to the real thing was seamless. Over the next 10 years, he would study everything from Classical, Jazz, Rock, Electronica, RnB, Hip Hop as well as experimental music genres. During this time, he also became obsessed with recording everything… “I still have cassette tape recordings of my friends and I jamming from the Junior High School days”. In the early two thousands, Allan purchased his first computer and ProTools system. After endless days and nights of nerding out with the newly acquired equipment, he tried his hand at composing music for short films as well as creating and mixing sound for them.

Allan has currently designs audio and composes music for film, t.v., commercial and fun times.

Lucius Dechausay – Editor

As an artist and editor, Lucius Dechausay has held a number of different positions in the entertainment industry. He has worked on everything from independent films to nationally televised shows like Entertainment Tonight and The Hour. He has worked on music videos for artists such as Saukrates, Choclair, Kardinal and commercials for companies including Goodwill, GO Transit, L’Oreal Paris and Holt Renfrew. He has also created illustrations for The Toronto Star, Mac Cosmetics and the CBC. Currently he freelances on various independent productions and is working on his next animated short film.