Allan Pynn – Sound Designer

Allan Pynn enjoys writing about himself in the 3rd person. A Toronto native, Allan has been immersed in music and sound since 11 and a half. “My neighbor bought a drum kit, and when I saw it, I was hooked.” As an accomplished air drummer (a la John Bonham) by the age of 10 , the transition to the real thing was seamless. Over the next 10 years, he would study everything from Classical, Jazz, Rock, Electronica, RnB, Hip Hop as well as experimental music genres. During this time, he also became obsessed with recording everything… “I still have cassette tape recordings of my friends and I jamming from the Junior High School days”. In the early two thousands, Allan purchased his first computer and ProTools system. After endless days and nights of nerding out with the newly acquired equipment, he tried his hand at composing music for short films as well as creating and mixing sound for them.

Allan has currently designs audio and composes music for film, t.v., commercial and fun times.