Brent Setterington – Composer

Brent Setterington has had the pleasure of working with vastly talented major label artists over the years. His journey as a uniquely talented producer started with the funk soul outfit Jacksoul, and as the main co-writer, arranger/keyboardist and musical director, he helped Haydain Neale and Jacksoul land a MAJOR recording contract with BMG back in 1995-96. In 1997 he signed a MAJOR publishing deal with Polygram Canada, and in 2001 re-negotiated his publishing contract with the newly conglomerated Universal Music Publishing Group. It was also around this time that he was working as an in-house producer at Sony Music Canada, a rare feat considering that Sony usually only allows Sony signed writers to become part of their “team”. Brent spent a good part of a year writing and recording for such Canadian treasures as Tom Wilson (Junkhouse) and Edwin (I Mother Earth) as well as keeping busy working on off hours developing indie unsigned artists. In 2002 he met another important writer/producer Robbie Patterson formerly signed to Peer Music, where he quickly forged a solid easy going musical bond and ended up co-producing 3 of the 4 songs landing on Canada’s premiere reggae pop artist Snow and his EMI release “Two Hands Clapping”.

Brent has extensive writing and producing experience and he’s always highly committed to the utmost excellence and detail, while not losing site of a truly original artistic vision. He has been a part of many writing sessions (Pop Stars, Justin Gray) and symposiums, and in 2004 he co-wrote a song called “Single” which was covered a year later, by Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter, on his debut release “219 Days”. The song became Kalan’s 2nd single, and the album would be certified double platinum by the end the year.

Other artists he’s worked with and cowritten with
Jenna Andrews (Universal Motown)
Clayton Bellamy (The Road Hammers, Open Road, Montage US)
Jordan Cook (Sony NY)
Outmatch (Universal/Centarus Germany)

Always surrounded by amazing talent, Brent is a special sort of producer who doesn’t have his own sound because he has always chosen to wear the artist. It is this approach that has enabled him to be completely comfortable in any genre often delivering resulting music that defies convention but still has enough of a radio pop sensibility and is “market friendly”. One of his career milestones was achieved when he had the honour and pleasure of meeting Dominic Miller in 2006 (longtime co-collaborator guitarist for Sting) through a very talented close personal violin prodigy Sonia Jun, (former TSO principal violinist) and was able to hire and produce Dominic when Brent was working on another exciting solo debut in England.

Presently he is co-owner of THE BOOM BOOM ROOM, a small professionally set up studio, and works with many different upcoming and well seasoned gifted experienced artists, such as Leroy Emmanuel who’s pedigree goes back to days of working with Motown, Marvin Gaye, Patti Labelle, Bohannon (and creating his ground shattering progressive funk/soul band “The Fabulous Counts”.) Brent is always looking to expand his vision and challenges himself daily to recreate something fresh and totally new, so that he’s in touch with the most current production techniques as well as finding new groundbreaking methods to push the music forward. However, his approach is deeply rooted in the old school very “hands on” to his richly textured sonic tapestries carefully woven and held tightly together by spiritual intuition and innate desire to keep the listener always guessing and pleasantly surprised when they hear just a fragment of his vision and scope of music.