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Charles Wahl Featured on Blog TO

Charles Wahl, between sips of his vodka soda, excitedly talks of his bourgeoning film career. The commercial director has just finished his first feature film, Webdultery, he’s recently returned to directing music videos and he’s getting more commercial work than ever. He’s busy, but that’s how he likes it. Many would narrow their focus down to one or two of those avenues, but for Wahl each holds it’s own merit.

Born to a German father and a Moroccan mother, Charles Wahl was born in England but grew up in Canada. While it was films like the Godfather, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Reservoir Dogs that initially caught Wahl’s attention, it was a high school class that turned fan to filmmaker.

Wahl’s high school, York Mills, offered a film program that exposed him to the delights of Canadian and world cinema. Beyond that, the class gave him the opportunity to make a film of his own, a gangster flick composed by him and his buddies. After getting a taste of the process it became clear, Wahl belonged on film sets….

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