Elizabeth Spanó – Composer

In 2002 her debut CD, captured the attention of many people in the classical music scene, including Stefanos Karabekos, conductor and founder of the Symphony Orchestra of Canada. Stefanos was enlisted as a consulting producer for the Elizabeth Spanó project.

If you’ve ever had a chance to hear Elizabeth Spanó play, you would know first hand the truth in this statement. With every musical note she plays, she takes us with her into a surreal, sonic adventure of fast paced rhythms and beautiful melodies. As a child, Elizabeth developed a strong fascination with the piano, and a growing hunger to learn how to play. At age eleven, she began taking lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music, located in Toronto, Canada. By age thirteen, she was playing the music of great composers such as Bach and Mozart at the level befitting a concert pianist. She was capable of playing virtually any piece of music placed in front of her.
Elizabeth then discovered composing and it was here that she began to fulfill her true musical desires. She has written numerous classical compositions. Her debut CD features some of her best works to date. Not only is Elizabeth a brilliant pianist and composer, she is also an excellent vocalist. Her mind is constantly at work composing new music every day and retooling her symphonic creations. Her music communicates and consumes the listener; it is not unusual to see many of her audience overcome by emotion.

Select Career highlights…
2000 – performed at the Trudeau Stage Award ceremonies.
2001 – performed chosen pieces at the 12th Annual SOCAN Dinner & Awards.
– performed at the Cannes Film Festival.
2002 – released her debut classical piano album “Symphonic Music for
Piano” and landed a distribution deal through Universal Music Canada in 2005.
2009 – recently during the TIFF she was personally asked to re-record the
main theme to a classic French movie by Ariel Veneziano (previously president of Icon Entertainment International and Director of Motion Picture Sales and International Home Video Distribution at Alliance Atlantis, now president of GreeneStreet Films International) it should also be noted that he expressed an interest in helping Liza rebuild, and launch her career on a multilevel media platform.